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Archive Garamond

Archive Garamond is a typeface roughly based on the designs of Claude Garamond (ca. 1480 – 1561) , a French publisher and a leading typeface designer of that period.

While the majority of contemporary digital interpretations of the “Garamond types” are cleaner and more polished versions of that genre, Archive Garamond tries to keep the rough nature which was typical in the early days of printing. Archive Garamond has a rather unique, distinctive temperament which is even more emphasised with the preserved non-uniformity, such as irregular glyph shapes or a variable baseline.

Although Archive Garamond was clearly made to be used for display sizes it works surprisingly well in text.

Archive Garamond Pro

A Professional version of the typeface contains all glyphs, including the advanced typographic forms, such as different sets of figures, small caps, swashes, historical forms, etc. The font also enables full use of the OpenType features. It fully supports the languages listed in the language list.



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Open Type Features

The Pro version of Archive Garamond contains fully working advanced OpenType features:


- small caps

- oldstyle figures

- standard ligatures

- discretionary ligatures

- swash capitals

- historical forms

- stylistic alternatives


Language list

Archive Garamond contains glyphs for use in the following languages in all versions:


AlbanianBasqueBosnianBretonCatalanCroationCzechDanishDutchEnglishEsperantoEstonianFaroeseFinnishFrenchGaelicGermanGreenlandicHungarianIcelandicIrishItalianLatvianLituanianLuxembourgeoisMalagasyMalteseNorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanianSlovakSlovenianSerbian (Latin)SorbianSpanishSwedishTurkishWelsh


Download the Specimen

Download Pdf specimen to learn more about this font.


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Archive Garamond Regular

Complete  Character Set

Archive Garamond Italic

Complete  Character Set

Archive Garamond Italic

Complete  Character Set

Archive Garamond Italic

Complete  Character Set


Sample Character Set:

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