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About Kras™, the brand.

This is what you get when a designer and his wife, a startup micro-fund managing partner, move to a countryside and meet their new neighbour, the stonemason. 


When furnishing the house they met a few other craftsmen who have ... and quickly realized the advantages of craft products from mass-produced products.

Products from quality materials delight each time you come into contact with them. Every small interaction brings little satisfaction, even if mostly on an unconscious level, nevertheless contribute to a general sense of quality of living and wellbeing. But the problem with most artisan products is that they are somehow rustic and awkward. What's missing is modern design.


We have combined modern minimalist design with traditional artisan skills and materials typical of the region. Oak, stone, and iron.


About the Kras Region.

We named a brand after a region Kras (Carso in Italian, Karst in English) It is extending across the border of southwestern Slovenia and northeastern Italy, between the Vipava Valley and the Gulf of Trieste. 

It is renowned for its strong red wine, wind cured prosciutto, and a mixture of Mediterranean and Central European cuisine. The Stud farm Lipica is the home of the Lipizzaners, the white horses of the ‘Spanish Riding School’ in Vienna. 

Oak and stone from the region were used in the construction of palaces of Venice and Milan, but the architecture of the area is modest. It’s based on stonemasonry and dry-stone walls, the design is simple, and materials are honest. 

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